First official Friday strip - Guest strip on Monday

Posted by: James
Date: 08/21/03 - 6:29AM

So here it is: the first of four strips I have penned for the Comet 7. I'm not sure how much good ole Davey T. (a.k.a. hacker dynamo "Kidnemo") has told you, but long story short; I am an old interweb friend of his from London-England.

'Nemo has previously said that I played some part in his starting up Comet 7. I really don't know how true that is - as far as I remember our conversations always went a little something like this:

Kidnemo: Making a webcomic would be sweet.

James: You should totally do that.

Kidnemo: LOLOMGWTF I tak off my wizard shoes adn hat [sic]

Whatever the case, I am a bona fide fan of Comet 7, and I would be regardless of my friend-based bias. For as long as I have chatted with Kidnemo we have shared a slightly off-kilter sense of humour, so it is little surprise that I find the adventures of a disembodied tentacle and an automated drinking fountain quite appealing. I hope you enjoy my takes on this whacky little universe as much as I enjoyed making them, and I'll see you here same time next week.

Confidential to Kidnemo: I had that dream again last night. Does that seem pretty weird to you?

Brits - They so crazy!

Posted by: Kidnemo
Date: 08/21/03 - 6:29AM

That's a mighty fine peice of grade A guest comic beef up 'top this page I reckon. I don't have much to drop on you cats other than thanks for reading Comet 7 this week, and hopefully we'll all be here in another fifty.

I'll be back in the saddle with a fattie news post for you on Monday, as well as a return to them funky-pixels of yesteryear. Oh yea, did you read James' post above? Well if you didn't, and well, I'm not sure I blame you, seeing as he so crazy, but he'll be returning next Friday with another guest-comic. Woo!

See you all Monday!