Posted by: Kidnemo
Date: 10/21/05 - 8:15AM

Today's comic is from one of my favorite webcomic artists, ryan estrada. He's done tons and tons of amazing guest strips for some of the greatest comics out there, not to mention bunches of amazing solo projects. His art style is stupendous to me and there really isn't enough great things I can say about this guy. I think fans of both c7 and another comic I do shall both be happy with today's strip...

Don't forget to check out the archive page to check out the other great guest comics from this week!

Today is the last day for preorders on the new shirts, you can click on over to the store and check out the designs, they turned out pretty well I believe. Any support you cats can give me is always appreciated, so thanks much for the help!

Speaking of zombies and armys and shirts, a new Kristy Versus The Zombie Army page is updated, reading today's strip might've got you in the mood I think.

New voting incentive sketch available here, bit of a gothy cemetaryish gravestoneyish scene, just a little something to go along with the mood for today.