The guest strip continues!

Posted by: Kidnemo
Date: 10/24/05 - 8:00AM

The guest strip-er-y continues over the next week with five more super slick comics. I can't even convey to you how happy I am with everyones contributions, they all turned out so great. Remember to see all the past guest strips, click on over to the archive page to see what you missed!

Today's guest strip is from new homey M.C. Fredd-y G over at This strip is good. This is a strip YOU should read... but only with adult supervision 'cause it has some naughty language and adult situations, and I don't think my conscience could be clear unless if I gave you link without telling you that. With that out of the way, let the corruption begin!

Note - to be fully disturbed by this comic I think it's important to read the title a few times while just looking at the first panel.

I was messing around in photoshop after looking at a bit too much generic anime and manga, click here to see the unfortunate outcome. :O