The last guest strip!1

Posted by: Kidnemo
Date: 10/28/05 - 8:27AM

And so the first official super slick c7 guest week comes to an end with today's strip. Today's final guest strip is from M.C. Gustaverson, the creator of lolfauxlol comics. M.C. Gustaverson put his own particular spin on the c7 characters, and I'll admit that the writing on today's strip feels remarkably like something that I'd do. That's good stuff in my book and I wish him all the success in the world with his comic!

I'd like to thank all the contributors again as they all did awesome jobs and I couldn't be anymore happy with the results! Remember to check out the archives page to check out the backlog of all the guest strips.

There is a new Kristy Versus The Zombie Army page online for your eyes. Also, for people who preordered the new shirt designs, they should be shipping out shortly. Thanks again for supporting me!

And finally, a new piece of isometric pixel art. It's another slime (gasp), check it out here. I really need to put together some screen shots with all these sprites I've done. hmm.