C-c-combo breaker!

Posted by: James
Date: 08/29/03 - 7:06AM

A little explanation may be in order. You see, I actually made most of these guest strips (three of the four, in fact) way back when Comet 7 had just launched. What you see above was a reaction to some of the responses the strip was getting in those early days. Believe it or no, not all the feedback our intrepid 'Nemo has received about Comet 7 has been complimentary (I know!). I was very frustrated for him that not everyone seemed to be "feeling" the humour of the comics, and the result was the little ditty you see up there. Those comments are taken (pretty much verbatim) from some interweb messaging board posts, and Steve and Mavrick's dialogue is exactly what they had to say on the matter; I guess it was a pretty easy comic to make.

Alright, enough dry commentary! I'll see you next week, but before I go, enjoy this ascii representation of an aardvark wearing cool sunglasses (groovy shades).


The early trials of Comet 7

Posted by: Kidnemo
Date: 08/29/03 - 7:10AM

When I was first starting out the ole Comet 7, there was a while there when I felt that nobody was going to "get" what the strips were about. I mean, yea, I understand the humor in most Comet 7 strips is out there. Maybe even way out there. But I figured "heck, if I like it, somebody else has too right?". Well, when the comic was first starting back in January it sure didn't seem like it.

The initial response to the strip was a little less than extraordinary, but chatting up James every night on AIM went a long way to building my confidence that yes, in time, I would find an audience for the strip. And guess what? It looks like everything is working out pretty well.

And speaking of the infamous strip 2, this strip has single handedly given me more grief than any other strip. I admit that the phrasing is a bit, ahem, busted, but hey, it was my second strip! At the time I wasn't even sure if I would have enough ideas to hit number five...let alone fifty. So yea, I've thought about it numerous times that I should go back and correct the wording, but I've left it as is. I've let it alone so I'll always have a reminder that I need to spell/grammar/voodoo witchcraft check my strips three times before I put them up.

And no, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is an ASCII phallus that you see above in James' news post. He's a nice guy and all, but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets arrested in a few years for breaking into his 3rd grade school teacher's house and petting her hair when she's sleeping.

It's his head where something is amiss I fear. He's not correct. Just plain not correct.