THE END!?!!?!!!?!

Posted by: James
Date: 09/12/03 - 6:20AM

And that's all she wrote. It's been fun and rewarding, being part of the Team Comet 7. I've laughed, I've cried, and Kidnemo has yelled at me some. (APPARENTLY he doesn't like SWEARS or graphic descriptions of [what did I tell you?!!? -Ed] on his website.) Hopefully you've learnt something too, if only to be thankful that Kidnemo makes Comet 7, and not me.

Kiss my bad self!

Brits - They so crazy!

Posted by: Kidnemo
Date: 08/21/03 - 6:29AM

That's a mighty fine peice of grade A guest comic beef up 'top this page I reckon. I don't have much to drop on you cats other than thanks for reading Comet 7 this week, and hopefully we'll all be here in another fifty.

I'll be back in the saddle with a fattie news post for you on Monday, as well as a return to them funky-pixels of yesteryear. Oh yea, did you read James' post above? Well if you didn't, and well, I'm not sure I blame you, seeing as he so crazy, but he'll be returning next Friday with another guest-comic. Woo!

See you all Monday!