Here is a newspost (or another guest strip by James)

Posted by: James
Date: 9/06/04 - 8:20AM

Hiya gang! Remember me? I don't: I had a nasty accident, and do not remember anything from before my skellington was laced with aluminium by shady government types. But enough about me, and more about Comic Seven dot Net.

The above comic is basically an embellished form of a conversation between myself and Kidnemo. The parallels run deeper than I had initially realised: I, like Mavrick, make up for my lack of hip-hop knowledge with blind enthusiasm, while Kidnemo is much more au-fait with the genre, like rapping megastar Steve. Also, Kidnemo dispenses the water from his skull into cups that are produced from a cavity in his chest. He's my most delicious friend!

You may have noticed that the guys look a little different to my previous efforts. I feel that with those strips I was interpreting Nemo's pixels into my lines a little too literally, and that's just no way to co-ordinate a guest comic. Hopefully this time I managed to inject a little more of my own (old-skool) flava.

I'll be back later with some invisible gaming news and reviews, just like Kidnemo used to give to you, before he was eaten by bears.