Tentacle based guest strips?

Posted by: Kidnemo
Date: 10/19/05 - 8:13AM

The forum has a ton of great peoples on it, including some really talented artists. Today's guest strip comes from forum member mep, who has done some pretty slick c7 fanart in the past, so I suggested he put together a guest strip for me.

He did, and now you see it here. One of the cool things you'll notice are the Steve n' Mav figures in the strip are from actual photos, that's 'cause he actually made them. Pretty cool stuff me thinks.

More great guest comics are coming up over the next days and don't forget to check the archive page for the past contributions! Oh yea, I did a drawing of Steve clonking Mav on the head and giving him a big ole crabapple, check it outs here!